Kim Grinfeder

I am a multidisciplinary media maker and designer who uses emergent technologies to practice new ways to communicate social and environmental issues.

I completed my undergraduate degree in history and with a background in photography, design, and business. After graduating, I spent seven years in NYC working at media startups and fortune 500 companies. I received a master's degree from New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program in 2001.

I began my academic career in 2003 when I joined the Visual Journalism program at the University of Miami. Today, I am an associate professor and teach immersive storytelling, digital media, web design, and emerging narratives. I helped found the Department of Interactive Media after establishing successful M.F.A. and B.S.C. programs in Interactive Media. I lead the XR initiative at the University of Miami, I am the Director of Creative Computing at the Institute for Data Science and Computing, and am on the advisory board of centers across the University.

My work has been shown at HotDocs, SXSWEdu, Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam, Webby Awards, National Press Photographers Association, Montreal International Documentary Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, and others.

H System

ROLE: Producer, creative director
STATUS: Under Development

This is a collaboration with the University of Miami Medical School. Unfortunately at the moment I cannot show more as it's undergoing a licensing process. This is just a sneak peek, check back soon for details.

Climate Change Pinball

PROJECT: Climate Change Pinball
TYPE: Spatial / Physical Computing & VR
ROLE: Producer, creative director
YEAR: 2020
WEBSITE: Coming soon!

A game for Magic Leap that uses a custom-built haptic controller to show players not only the consequences of environmental negligence but also the benefits of caring for the environment by listening to the young voices in our society and promoting collaboration to resist the effects of climate on our planet, all within the context of a pinball game. Oculus Quest version coming soon.

Know Your Grove

PROJECT: Know Your Grove
TYPE: Locative Media / Mobile App
ROLE: Producer, creative director, researcher
YEAR: 2020

Know Your Grove is an augmented bike tour of the historic neighborhood of Coconut Grove. Presenting a unique intersection of it's past and present, this app allows us to learn about important topics such as gentrification, segregation, and our environment.


PROJECT: SwampScapes
TYPE: Multimedia
ROLE: Producer, cinematography
YEAR: 2018

SwampScapes is an immersive documentary that offers a journey to remote regions of the Everglades, one of the most diverse swamps in the world. From the treetops of urban swamps to the sloughs of the Fakahatchee, discover protectors of Florida’s wetlands. SwampScapes explores the complexity between humans and this extraordinary ecosystem. A 2D version is available for accessibility purposes.

Revista POYLatam

PROJECT: Revista POYLatam
TYPE: Website
ROLE: Technical Director
YEAR: 2020

The POYLatam Magazine is a mosaic of dozens of written and visual stories that confirm the resilience and the ability of human beings to make sense of the pandemic. The idea was to portray our cities and their new rituals, save for the future the memory of this shared experience. Despite the pain and grief, this pandemic has also been an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and others.

The Ghost, the Sphinx, and the Thief

PROJECT: The Ghost, the Sphinx, and the Thief
TYPE: Immersive interactive dance installation
ROLE: Producer, cinematography, interaction designer
YEAR: 2019

The Ghost, the Sphinx, and the Thief is an interactive video dance installation exploring the relationship between the mythical ghost orchid, the sphinx moth, humans, and the swamp. Visitors enter a room where the walls are covered with a 360º video of a Florida swamp. In the center of the room, a drum mounts on a wooden stand. Participants interact by beating the drum which affects the choreography and each dancer becomes a plant, insect, or human. When the drum is dormant, the dancers disappear from the video and visitors find themselves immersed in a live, peaceful swamp forest landscape.


PROJECT: Armagnac
TYPE: 360º film/VR
ROLE: Producer, cinematography, audio, script, direction
YEAR: 2018

Distilled from wine, oldest brandy distilled in France. This  virtual reality documentary delves into the history of Armagnac and shows how to sip Armagnac correctly.


PROJECT: Doc Gen / Formative Journalism
TYPE: Open Source software
ROLE: Design, production, and ideation
YEAR: 2019

DocGen is a documentary generation algorithm that doesn't impress bias on the audience. The software generates a customized documentary experience allowing users to select topics of their interest. The software was first used successfully on "Addressing the Urban Agenda" a documentary about a series of issues affecting affordable housing and related gentrification issues in Lisbon.


Kim’s work has been honored at festivals and competitions, including the Webby’s, the Atlanta Film Festival, Hotdocs, SXSWedu, Online News Association, National Press Photographers Association, amongst others. His work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum of American History, galleries, and other venues. These are a few:

Online News Association
Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam
National Press Photographers Association

Atlanta Film Festival
Society of Professional Journalists
Webby Awards
Pictures of the Year International

The Taste Awards
Montreal International Documentary Festival
Tacoma Film Festival

Full CV available upon request.
Religion & Sacred Space in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality